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What may be problem for pomegranate flower fall off?

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I have a pomegranate tree, aged about 3 years. Since last winter flower blooms almost 4 times but all fall off before turning into fruit. I have used one multivitamin spray but failed to improve problem so please suggest what to do now and also suggest a medicine if necessary.
asked Sep 9, 2012 in Fruits and Vegetables by anonymous
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Hi Anon,

Pomegranate trees need to be mature before they successfully bear fruit. At three, yours is what's called a "juvenile tree". Be patient - give it a few years and I'm sure you'll find it changes it's habit. As long as it has enough moisture, and pollination opportunity it will come - assuming it's not being attacked at the roots by a pest. If it looks healthy but the flowers drop - don't panic - WAIT.

DON'T automatically jump for the fertilizer gun. In my opinion it's the LAST resort.

Many inorganic fertilizers contain synthesized chemicals that do not occur naturally in nature, and thus can become harmful. The introduction of such chemicals, if used extensively over time, can throw off the local environment and ecosystem.

Chemicals used as fertilizers will extensively affect everything and everyone. This happens because when it rains and the chemicals are washing into the soil. As the rainwater flows through the varied bodies of water, more and more living things in and out of the water are affected. The chemicals will also reach the groundwater, which is where drinking water comes from.

The worst thing about the synthetic fertilizers is the extent of chemicals on the crops and produces. When produce is grown with synthetic fertilizers, the produce will contain the chemicals in its flesh and once it is consumed by people, the chemicals can then enter and harm their bodies. Eating synthetically grown produces over a period of time can cause major health issues.

I know you're not going to destroy the ecosystem with one spray gun of vitamins, but it's the principal involved.

Regular new gardener reaction - "it isn't growing - I need to kill something" or oh My God it's dying because I'm starving it". Not all problems fall into those simplistic categories I'm afraid!

Also, with flower drop on pomegranates, I assume you're aware that they are self pollinating, with male & female flowers? Aftyer a set time the male flowers all drop anyway. The fertilized female flowers stay on to produce fruit, the remainder unfertilized female flowers also fall off.

Finally make sure there are plenty of pollinating insects (bees, etc.) in the vicinity to spread the pollen.

I hope that helps - sorry about the sermon. Inorganic fertilizers are a pet hate of mine.


answered Oct 13, 2012 by Big Gee Pro Gardener (2,920 points)
thanks for your experienced outlook on the pomegranate flower fall. I have four 2-3 year old plants and one one of them flowered profusely, but kept falling off. How old and big they would be before bearing the fruits? Do they need protections during flowering and fruiting?