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weed killer around fruit trees?

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weed killer  around young  fruit trees?
asked Apr 13, 2012 in Fruits and Vegetables by anonymous

1 Answer

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In my humble opinion?

DON'T put ANY weed-killing poisons near ANY of your fruit or veg. plants. Especially the systemic variety.

Invest in a a little bit of work - remove the weeds by hand using a hoe or a mattock, and eat healthily. As far as I am concerned weed-killers were invented for LAZY gardeners and humans with the eating habits of a herd of swine!

ANY weed-killer is a poison and should not be put anywhere near edible plants. Many do, and many mystery illnesses can be traced back to what is sprayed or smeared on our food.

Use your brain.



answered May 4, 2012 by Big Gee Pro Gardener (2,920 points)