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Rats are eating my veggies (eggplants, tomatoes).

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I sent traps but they eat the tomatoesout of them and the traps never go off. Any suggestions to save my garden?
asked Aug 16, 2011 in Pests by anonymous

3 Answers

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I would recommend trying some other types of traps, last thing you would want is to use a poison and have a rat die under your house or where you can find it but where you can smell it. There are some humane traps where the black box catches the rat for it to be released elsewhere.


If you are using the spring loaded traps I would recomend using Peanut Butter where they have to tug at it to get some food.
answered Aug 17, 2011 by Rockstah.Info Pro Gardener (1,310 points)
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answered Aug 18, 2011 by snovell Zen Gardener (7,380 points)
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Mix 3 cups dry oatmeal with 1 cup plaster of paris and mix in some dry dog food or parmesean cheese. Toxic to the rat when the plaster hadens in their stomach but not to raptors or other predators that may eat them later.
answered Sep 10, 2011 by Pil9rotten Green Thumb (540 points)