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How do I stop the neighbors cat from going to the bathroom in my garden?

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This is meant to be a serious question, I think my girlfriend is going to kill the neighbors cat.
asked Feb 7, 2011 in Rare/Unusual by beastgarden Newbie (290 points)
edited Feb 8, 2011 by snovell

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If you dont want to hurt the cat you can try using coyote urine! yes the cats smell it and run for thier life as cats have become coyote's main source of food here in southern california. Here is a place that sells it http://www.predatorpee.com/ I am sure you can find it on other sites too try amazon.  You can also try netting to keep them out but will end up being more expensive

answered Feb 7, 2011 by snovell Zen Gardener (7,380 points)
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I love animals, but I can make an exception for cats or slugs! angel

A few options:

1  Kill the cat - but humanely!

2  Buy a cat scarer (we have those black cat cut-outs with big green eyes over here)

3  Buy an ultrasonic transmitter that makes it very uncomfortable for cats (probably your best sane option)

4  Don't plant a peppermint plant to deter it - I've yet to see it work

5  Buy a big noisy dog and tie it in a nice spot to keep guard - once the cat associates your garden with something unpleasant it will look for another toilet. Hope your girlfriend likes dogs!

Whatever you do - don't be cruel. KILL IT HUMANELY!!! (The cat that is - NOT the dog) wink

Let me know how you get on . . .


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answered Feb 8, 2011 by Big Gee Pro Gardener (2,920 points)
The cats days may be limited, although I don't know which cat it is because it's been brought to my attention that there are two. I don't think the dogs are much of a deterrant since I am bookended by neighbors with dogs who bark stereophonically every time my screen door shuts. I may try the cat sillouette and am definitely going to try the coyote pee.

Thanks guys

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I have 4 cats and where i'm planting in the veg patch i criss cross string.  it keeps them off until the plants are tall enough and the cats will look else where.

i don't send them off to my neighbours gardens either (if that's what you're thinking) though i don't know what they do when they leave mine.  i have an area of soil where they're allowed to go and i clean it up regularly.
answered Feb 10, 2011 by anonymous
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Well i've tried many weird and wonderful things to deter cats from using my freshly dug beds as a toilet and they have all been a bit hit and miss.....but i've had joy with using mild curry powder sprinkled over the soil,it was recommended to me by an Asian gentlemen who i met over at  the Allotment.Hope this is of some help to you cool

answered Feb 21, 2011 by Nathan Jai Solly Newbie (240 points)
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There is another solution with American genius invention:

Motion Detector Sprinkler Animal Repellent

It detects all kind of anumals and spray water at them ( probably the owner also) !!!

It is not cheap though ( $70), maybe later when more are sold.

More info here:


answered Jun 25, 2011 by sundiego Pro Gardener (1,710 points)
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" I think my girlfriend is going to kill the neighbors cat."
That will definitely work.  Don't feel bad about it, as there are lots more where it comes from, and you will no doubt have to deal with them later too.
This avenue, however will buy you some time and/or peace of mind, and maybe the garden cal grow until another interloper comes along.

answered Jul 26, 2011 by anonymous
I trap the cat and rehome it down by the Salado Creek.  We live in an area where all cats must be on a leash.  TWice I trapped the cats, turn them over to th ecity, only to be returned to the owner.  Rehoming is the trick!
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I read other answers and cannot understand why someone gave a thumbs down to the motion detector sprinkler because it works!  It gets rid of deer, dogs, cats, raccons and Im sure there's other critters it would deter as well.  You just have to be sure & install it in such a way that you walk past the shut off valve BEFORE you walk by it.  They sell on Amazon for under $50.  Do not waste $ on urine~ it doesn't work AT ALL!  You would have to constantly reapply it and that would get expensive.  Killing the cat is the is a riduculous solution unless you like that sort of thing because lots of people have cats and after you kill one, another will take it's place.  not to mention it's cruel to kill someone's pet.
answered Oct 9, 2011 by Miss415 Newbie (240 points)
Probably because these are known to encourage dampness on leaves which leads to plant disease.  A sprinkler going off all the time in your beds?  Recipe for disaster.
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easiest question yet, get a dog. that will fix your problem quick
answered Oct 10, 2011 by anonymous
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I've seen video tests of pee/poo verses the house-cat.  Felines are curious - the waste of other unknown animals only draws them to investigate the poo/pee.  Even big cat scat.

Pepper based products only work until the first time it rains or it gets wet out.

Ultrasonics are a waste of money.

Water scarecrows can lead to all sorts of problems for your plants, especially if your yard is "busy".


IMO, you have a couple of PRACTICAL choices.

1. Trap the cat and take it to the humane society.  The humane society often has traps you can borrow.

2. Scatter marble sized (or larger) gravel as mulch in the areas the cat is bothering - if a cat can't "scratch", it generally won't do its' business.

3. Place thorny stems from rose bushes or barberry around the area the cat is bothering - no one wants to step on thorns.

As far as I know, these 3 things work more often than any of the other suggestions and don't cost anything to try, unless you have to buy the trap or gravel.

answered Oct 14, 2011 by InsaniD Green Thumb (590 points)