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Why do I have little white patches of mushrooms popping up in my square foot garden?

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<!--Session data--> Does this mean I have poor soil?

asked May 28, 2011 in Other by anonymous
edited Jul 5, 2011 by snovell

3 Answers

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Sometimes the mushrooms pop up in the gardens/flowerbeds when its holding too much moisture
answered May 29, 2011 by anonymous
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Mushrooms almost always mean too much water. Dial back the water and see if it makes a differences. Did down 6 inches to see how wet the soil is, if that soil clumps together from moisture it means there is enough wAter and you can wait.
answered May 29, 2011 by snovell Zen Gardener (7,380 points)
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Spray soil with fungicide at Lowe's Home Depot or fertilizer wholesaler depending on your location. My experience with growing container and raised bed bell peppers is that black and some times white mushroom or white specks on the stems of new seedlings are the result of my soil holding to much humidity. Through further analysis and corrections I discovered that I used soil mix that was too compacted , not enough drainages, conteiner holes were plugged by bottom rocks etc or the plant was kept in shaded area more than needed, etc.   In my experience, once the soil caught mold I would not waste money on fungicide to correct issue as the plant already may have suffered root rut.   I would just place that soil with plant and all in my compost to layer and get new soil with proper mix of 1/3 peat 1/3 couse vermiculite and 1/3 completely composted soil. The new plant in the new soil will make up for any lost time.  Water is needed, but if the soil is too soggy your plant will just drowns unless is a lucky bamboo or similar.
answered Dec 2, 2011 by PeeWee Green Thumb (870 points)