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What is the latest and greatest Avocado variety?

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asked Jan 21, 2011 in Fruits and Vegetables by snovell Zen Gardener (7,380 points)

1 Answer

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The 'Lamb/Hass' avocado has several distinguishing characteristics that make it commercially valuable: 1. The appearance of 'Lamb' is uniquely similar to 'Hass'; most consumers will commonly identify 'Lamb' as a 'Hass'-type. 2. Production performance exceeds 'Hass' in all preliminary trials. 3. The season of maturity is later in the year than 'Hass', and mature fruit remains on the tree without significant drop. Therefore, growers will have the option of extending 'Hass'-type production throughout the year. Additionally, there are many affiliated benefits with the extension of the production season. 4. Early indications are that the variety has resistance to California’s newest avocado pest; Persea mite.
answered Jan 21, 2011 by Scott Novell Pro Gardener (2,430 points)