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I have a wonderful pomegranate tree flowers always fall off

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Every year it blooms very nicely and then all flowers fall off?  Any ideas out there?  I would love to have some fresh pomegranate!
asked May 2, 2011 in Fruits and Vegetables by anonymous

2 Answers

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Flowers dropping off can be caused by a number of things. Over watering or under watering can cause it, but also a lack of bees. They are needed to pollinate, which makes the flowers become fruit.

Do you have bees around your yard? If not, you can do things to attract them such as plant things they like. I'm not sure what climate zone you are in, so can't really give suggestions there. There are also bee attractants available. In the meantime, you can also try and hand pollinate. Take a small artist paint brusch and rub each of the flowers.
answered May 12, 2011 by stepping_up Green Thumb (770 points)
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I had the same issue with mine. I simply purchased a bloom forcing foliar nuitrient along with blooming root nuits. This replaces the lack of bee pollenation and you will be amazed on how many pomergranates you will produce.
answered May 13, 2011 by Taboo Green Thumb (800 points)
do you have an specific that you would recomend?
What are blooming root units?
Could these be some variety of mycorrhizal treatments